Hiking to our lodge

Taking the boat is one way of getting to our lodge but did you know that you could hike as well? It’s a great way to see the beautiful and largely untouched coastline of the northern parts of the lake as well as a great way to explore village life.

We have created 3 hiking guides to help you along the way…


1. Hiking from Usisya.

This hike can be done in one day (or two if you would like to sleep in a village) and gives you beautiful views over the lake.

Follow this link to the hiking guide.

Usisya to Zulunkhuni River Lodge

2. Hiking from Livingstonia/Chitimba.

This hike can be done in 3 or 4 days and will give you unique insights in the nature and culture of the lake shore. You can spend the night in villsges or camp but either way you will be blown away by the beauty of the nature and the friendliness of the people. It is possible to get a porter to help you with your luggage.

Here is the link:

Zulunkhuni River Lodge to Livingstonia

3. Usingini coffee hike.

Many guests love our coffee that we source locally and roast at our lodge.•

This hike starts in Usingini (you can get there with a taxi from Mzuzu) where you can first explore the coffee fields and learn how coffee grows before you descend towards the lake and the lodge(about 4 hours). We can also turn this hike into a package including coffee desserts and roasting your own coffee. Please contact us about this option.

You can find the hiking guide through the following link:

Zulunkhuni River Lodge to Usingini to Zulunkhuni River Lodge